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I'm so glad you are interested in scheduling a complimentary consultation with me. In case you missed it on the website, here is what you need to know before scheduling with me:



My hourly rate is $300 per hour and I do not accept insurance of any kind. I am happy to provide you with the documentation needed to seek partial reimbursement from your insurance plan. For a list of questions to ask your insurance company, please see the counseling faqs section of the website. 



I work with clients on a weekly basis. During the consult, if we mutually decide to move forward, we will select a time that will be reserved for you each week. If you need to miss, you can reschedule into another open slot during the same week of your original appointment, or by doubling up either the week before or the week after your original appointment. This is explained in more detail in my intake paperwork, and I am happy to answer questions during the consult. 



Elizabeth is licensed to provide counseling to those located in the states of Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Nevada.



For couples counseling or couples intensives, both partners are required to attend the consultation. Please schedule a time when you both can be there.



Elizabeth 'Liz' Polinsky helps couples communicate better, build stronger emotional connections, and develop a deeper sense of comfort and security in their relationships. She is a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFT) with a passion for working with military and veteran couples. As a military spouse, she moves around. Because of this, she predominantly provides online counseling services. Please reference the website for information on where in-person services can be obtained as this will be based on her husband's current military orders. 



I look forward to meeting you during the consult!



Get started by scheduling an appointment or contact us with questions: +1 757-262-3316
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    I’m Liz, and I help couples just like you: ones that have it within them to change their relationship into one where both people feel understood, accepted, and cared for, but they just need the support to get there. Schedule a free consult to get started and see if we are a good fit!