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Hi. If you have somehow landed on this page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, my apologies. I am trying to figure out why this link that I have discontinued is still functioning. Please use the following active link for scheduling your appointment: https://calendly.com/fermatatherapy/20minuteconsultation

Of course, I would appreciate if you could let me know which page you pressed a link from and what kind of device you were using right before arriving here, if you don’t mind making note of those details. You can text me at 509-699-9449, or just let me know at our appointment once you schedule through Calendly.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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  • Becky
    Becky Campbell

    Hi, I'm glad you've decided to take this step in signing up for your free 20-minute consultation! After clicking the scheduling link to the left, you can choose your time from the availability listed. If you cannot find a time that works for you, feel free to email or call me, and we’ll look for a better time.

    While you are waiting for your appointment, please take some time to think through any questions you still have after having reading through the frequently-asked questions and other parts of the fermatatherapy.com website. During your appointment, after a brief conversation, you'll have a chance to ask about concerns or questions you have. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

    Online scheduling not currently available. Please contact Becky by phone or email for availability