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Manage your practice with some peace of mind

Therapyzen is designed to let you focus on your clients.
Let us get your business & your team organized.

All the things you can do with therapyzen

Document client progress

Use our elegantly designed therapy note and treatment plan templates or create your very own.

Therapy Notes

Schedule sessions with ease

Take advantage of our reliable appointment calendar to keep your agenda organized.

Appointment Calendar

Get your income in order

Invoice sessions and process credit cards automatically or manually in just minutes.


Let your clients help

Minimize administrative work by letting your clients help with maintaining their data.

Client Portal

Conduct sessions online with video

Use HIPAA compliant video conferencing to treat your clients anywhere at anytime.


Manage couples and families

Use our group records for simple charting, scheduling and billing of couples and families.

Group Charting

Oversee your team

Take advantage of our group practice tools to see your team in action.

Staff Management

Personalize your data

Use our custom form builder to create note templates and intakes done your way.

Custom Forms & Intakes

Keep communications simple

Messaging that's easy to manage and keeps your clients and staff in the loop.

In-App Messaging

The perfect view for the task at hand

Just a few therapyzen success stories

Kerri Morrison uses therapyzen
Kerri Morrison
LMHC, Reiki Practitioner

It took me 3 months to find the perfect EHR system for my small, private-pay, Holistic-focused practice. I was SOOO relieved when I found therapyzen because it matched ALL of my needs! The cost is perfect, the support is consistently dependable, and the flexibility of the software is unbeatable! You will NOT regret trying it out!"

Alexander Michaud uses therapyzen
Alexander Michaud

Therapyzen has been a huge help to our continuously-growing practice. It makes keeping up with our records super easy and makes on-boarding new clients even easier. Having used other big-name CRMs before, I am extremely pleased to have switched to therapyzen. It's easier to use, straight-forward, and the team behind it is world-class."

DeAnn McCloskey uses therapyzen
DeAnn McCloskey
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I love therapyzen because it makes keeping confidential information and payment details simple, storing it all in one, easy to use location. My clients have never had issues logging into and managing their account. And I feel more effective, organized and able to focus on therapy rather than administrative tasks."

Janie Lacy uses therapyzen
Janie Lacy
counselor, lmch, ncc, csat

Before therapyzen, it seemed like we had a different app for everything we did. My group practice team includes counseling professionals, interns, and administrative staff - therapyzen saves us so much time and energy that our counselors are able to spend their time doing what they love most. Thank you so much to the team at therapyzen!"

Wendi Dunford uses therapyzen
Wendi Dunford

I can not say enough good things about therapyzen. I have been very happy with my choice to use therapyzen to keep my records safe and confidential and to manage the billing side of my busy and complicated private practice. Their customer service is impeccable. The interface is fantastic, my clients love having access to relevant information and it has made my life so much easier. I plan to use their services forever."

Mark Van Zant uses therapyzen
Mark Van Zant
Licensed Professional Counselor

I've been using therapyzen since 2017 and haven't looked back since. It became apparent very quickly that high quality software, service, integration, and innovation is what therapyzen is all about. My experiences with their product and team have been nothing but the best. Therapyzen is the total package!"

Our team is what sets us apart

With therapyzen you get a team of people ready to help you succeed. And all of our resources are free!

therapyzen offers stellar support

Support that's out of this world

The most friendly, knowledgeable and responsive support people you could ask for, and we've got them.

therapyzen trainers are here to help

Trainers that get it

Our trainers know more than software, they understand why you need it. Let them show you how by scheduling a demo.

therapyzen is designed with you in mind

Designers with you in mind

It's a jungle out there and you are the one marching through it on a daily basis. Let us know how therapyzen can help you navigate the real world and we'll listen.

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