Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Therapyzen is software for professional counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers and life coaches. Whether you are operating a private practice as a single therapist or you are a large group practice staffed with clinicians and non-clinicians, therapyzen is the solution you've been looking for.
Yes. Security is a top priority for us and we have exceeded all requirements to protect your account and Electronic Patient Health Information (EPHI). All data in therapyzen is securely encrypted using SSL in transit, as well as fully encrypted at rest. Therapyzen is also GDPR compliant for our friends running practices world-wide.
Absolutely! Therapyzen is international and used by practices all over the world. Our regional settings will configure therapyzen to accept international addresses, phone numbers and currencies. We are currently available in the following countries; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, India, Mexico. Therapyzen is fully GDPR compliant. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.
At therapyzen, our pricing model is designed as a monthly subscription based on the number of clinician licenses required. Clinicians are defined as staff members with access to Electronic Patient Health Information (EPHI). You can have an unlimited number of non-clinicians and clients without impacting your monthly rate. To offer you cost-saving options, we provide an annual prepayment plan, which grants you a 15% discount.
We don’t collect your payment information until you are confident that therapyzen is the right product for your practice. You can upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions at any time. After your trial period ends, your data will be put on temporary hold, however it eventually will be deleted if you don't choose a subscription.
Therapyzen provides a free 14 day trial and is a pay-as-you-go, month-to-month service therefore we do not provide refunds. You can cancel the service at any time, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred.
Contracts are only required for custom development or term discounts, otherwise therapyzen is a pay-as-you-go service.
Yes. Therapyzen is totally mobile friendly. Simply use the web browser on your tablet or smart phone to login and use therapyzen just as you would on your desktop or laptop for no additional charge.
Yes. Therapyzen has a simple import tool for bringing your clients and their info into the system. Certain file types are necessary for importing.

Therapy Notes

Yes, we have a selection of therapy note templates to suit your needs. Whether you like to keep your notes short and sweet or like to be very detailed, we've got you covered.
Absolutely. Therapyzen provides a treatment plan template that you can use at any time.
Yes, our custom form builder will let you create personalized therapy note templates that will let you take notes your way.
Yes you can. Therapyzen is great for group practices and staff management. As a clinician-admin, you can oversee all your team's activities and sign notes after review.
Yes. Therapyzen actively looks to make sure you have added notes for your completed sessions. Your daily agenda will let you know where you forgot to add a note.
Yes, S.O.A.P. is just one of the note templates we provide for quick and easy note taking.
Yes. Streamline your note taking by having new notes populate with data from your previous note. A great time saver!

Appointment Scheduling

Yes, you certainly can! We provide you with a simple process to connect your therapyzen appointments to your favorite calendar apps. Once your appointments are synced up, your calendar app will remind you of upcoming therapyzen appointments and events just like you would expect.
Yes we do. Schedule appointments for multiple office locations and timezones.
Yes, groups and couples records is where therapyzen really shines. Schedule a single appointment for a group or couple in just a matter of seconds.
Absolutely. Use our availability settings to show your schedulers and clients when you are available for appointments. Never get double booked again.
Yes we do. Your clients and staff will receive email and text-message reminders 48 and 24 hours prior to their appointments. No more excuses for those that no-show for appointments.


Yes! Therapyzen is fully integrated with online payment processor Stripe for PCI compliant, secure credit card processing. Setup only takes a couple minutes, whether you are creating a new account or connecting to your existing Stripe account. Accept credit card payments with ease using therapyzen.
Credit card charges using therapyzen and Stripe are only 2.9% + $0.55 cents per successful charge. No monthly fees and no contracts. Find out more at
Yes, our integration with Stripe allows therapyzen to keep client credit cards on file for any future payments. Therapyzen facilitates payments while Stripe manages credit card data for full PCI compliance.
Yes, let therapyzen create invoices and process credit card payments for you overnight for a pain-free billing process.
Yes, with just a single click of the mouse you can email a pdf invoice to a client. Clients also have access to their invoices in the portal at all times.
We don't currently integrate with Quickbooks; however, therapyzen provides billing reports that can be downloaded as Excel files and imported into Quickbooks.
Yes. HSA cards just need to be flagged as such in your Stripe account. Once flagged, they can be used just like credit cards to pay invoices.
Absolutely. Therapyzen will generate reimbursement statements for your clients that contain all the required data and diagnosis codes.
Yes. Therapyzen connects to clearinghouse Office Ally for electronic claims management and payment.
Yes. You can print, download or electronically submit CMS 1500 files to Office Ally using therapyzen.
You are charged a convenience fee of $0.25 cents per claim processed through therapyzen.
Yes. Our Third Party Payer feature lets you allocate scholarship and grant payments to client invoices. Generate reports showing all invoices and payments attributed to any third party payer.
Yes. Although we know sliding scale is a practice you may want to stay away from, we have it just in case you need it. Set client-specific rates for certain services and we'll remember for you.

Client Portal

Absoluely not! Just like our software, we like to keep our pricing simple too. Pay one price, get all the features!
Yes! Your clients can do a multitude of things with the portal including viewing, printing and paying invoices. If you don't want clients paying invoices online, you can simply disable this feature.
Absolutely. Set your availability and clients can book sessions using the portal. New visitors to your portal can also sign up on their own without any work on your part.
Yes we do. Therapyzen provides an intuitive client intake wizard that you customize to your heart's desire. You can even have our client services team help you build a custom intake for you.
Yes. Therapyzen provides a custom form builder for building and assigning digital forms in the client portal. Once your clients complete a form, you will be notified.
Yes you can. Document storage and sharing is made easy with the client portal and is totally included.
Absolutely. As soon as an invoice has been created for a client, it is immediately available for clients to view, print or pay in the portal.
Yes. Therapyzen provides HIPAA compliant messaging for you and your clients to communicate safely and securely.


Yes, telehealth is the only feature that gets billed separately than your therapyzen subscription. Telehealth services start at just $9.99/month.
Telehealth sessions can be a simple one-on-one or a group session with up to 7 participants.
Absolutely, all telehealth sessions are encrypted using top level security measures to ensure privacy and data security.
Your clients can join a telehealth session using a link that will be provided by therapyzen, or they may log in to their free client portal to join.
No, for privacy and data security reasons, telehealth sessions cannot be recorded.

Therapyzen tracks the minutes of each participant engaged in a video meeting using the following formula:

Meeting Duration $0.005 cents Number of Participants = Total Cost of Meeting

Participants & Session Duration Calculated Cost of Meeting
1 Client & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes $0.005 cents 2 Participants = $0.50 Cents
2 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes $0.005 cents 3 Participants = $0.75 Cents
4 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes $0.005 cents 5 Participants = $1.25
Yes. If you already use a video service such as Zoom, Doxy or Google Meet, you can integrate any of those services with therapyzen.

Subscription Pricing

Have questions about purchasing a therapyzen subscription? Head over to our pricing page to learn more.

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