Client Portal in TherapyZen

Boost client engagement & your productivity with the client portal.

A secure online portal for you and your clients that's accessible anywhere.

Connect with your clients digitally using the TherapyZen portal. The portal gives your clients access to your client intake forms, scheduling tools, payment options, communication tools and their digital profile. Oh and did we mention that it's free with your subscription!

Client access their profile using the client portal in TherapyZen

TherapyZen's fully customizable client intake wizard.

Capture new client intake information effortlessly by presenting them with TherapyZen's customizable intake wizard. Drastically decrease your data-entry time by allowing clients to fill out their client record for you. The intake consists of forms provided by TherapyZen as well as your own custom built forms.

Clients fill out the online intake forms upon activing their client portal account

Build your own custom forms for the client intake.

TherapyZen's client intake gathers industry standard information from your new client, however you might want to include custom forms of your own. Use TherapyZen's simple Form Builder to create your own forms or use our library of industry-approved templates.

Upload your own custom documents and forms to the client portal in TherapyZen

Collect digital signatures in your client intake forms.

Important intake forms can be digitally signed and stored. No more paper shuffling when it comes to intake paperwork with TherapyZen.

Simply get a notification that your client has completed their intake paperwork to view or print your beautifully formatted intake documents.

Clients can view their profile using the client portal in TherapyZen

Invite new clients to the portal with a single click.

When you create a new client record in TherapyZen, you'll simply check the option to invite them to the portal. Your new client will receive an email invite welcoming them to your practice.

New clients receive an email invitation to use the client portal in TherapyZen

Clients can also sign up for the portal on their own.

TherapyZen provides a nifty little code snippet for placing a link to the portal on your practice website. New clients that visit your portal can sign up, select a clinician, schedule an appointment, fill out the intake, and store a credit card without a single phone call!

New clients receive an email invitation to use the client portal in TherapyZen

Let your clients schedule appointments online by request.

Clients can view and select appointment time slots based on your availability and office location. Appointment requests can be accepted automatically or you can elect to approve or deny requests.

Any clinician in your practice can set their own personal availablity for appointment scheduling. Learn more about appointment scheduling in TherapyZen.

Clients can send appointment requests to you and your team in the client portal in TherapyZen

Clients can easily pay invoices in the portal.

Give your clients the convenience of paying invoices online using the client portal. Our integration with Stripe for secure payment processing takes the hassle out of collecting fees. Clients can view, print and pay invoices from the comfort of their own home on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Clients can easily pay invoices in the portal using TherapyZen