Therapy Notes in TherapyZen

Elegant & flexible client notes designed by therapists for therapists.

Therapy notes that tell your client's story

Taking excellent therapy notes is essential for telling the story of your clients and their progress. TherapyZen makes sure you have all the flexibility you need to document that journey in a robust yet simple way. Select from three elegantly designed note formats; a simple note, a progress note, and a S.O.A.P. note. As you compile notes, easily read them in a blog styled layout that we are all familiar with.

Beautiful and flexible therapy notes in TherapyZen

Groups and Couples Charting

TherapyZen handles groups and couples with ease by providing Group Records that consolidate charting, billing, and scheduling for multiple clients into a single record. Add an unlimited amount of clients to a group record to better handle information for family counseling or group workshops.

Beautiful and flexible therapy notes in TherapyZen

Flexible & Formatted Therapy Notes

Upon creating a new note, you are provided the option to select what type of note you'll be creating. Simply make your selection and see the form change to provide you with the fields you need.

Easily select what type of therapy note you want to create in TherapyZen

Risk Assessment & Intervention Planning in Your Notes

TherapyZen provides industry standard assessment and intervention options to help you incorporate them into your notes. Quickly assess any risk for suicide and homicide in your progress note or S.O.A.P. note. Incorporate intervention plans with simple selections from our industry approved list.

Complete the client risk assessment when creating a progress note in TherapyZen

Documenting Your Client's Mental Status

It's important to evaluate your client's mental status as a necessary part of any assessment no matter what the presenting problem. TherapyZen will document your selections in list form for maximum readability. For simplicity, simply check the box provided to pre-fill all client functions with "within normal limits" if applicable.

Complete a mental status evaluation when creating therapy notes in TherapyZen

Easily Share Notes & Collaborate with Fellow Counselors

We understand that counseling can sometimes be a team effort. TherapyZen makes it easy to share client records for co-counseling, note taking, and treatment planning.

Share a client therapy notes between clinicians in TherapyZen

Pixel Perfect Printing

Easily print your beautifully formatted therapy notes in TherapyZen. Include digital signatures and scannable QR codes for viewing a client's profile on your mobile phone or tablet.

Easily print or save therapy notes to pdf in TherapyZen