counselors managing their appointment calendar

Schedule appointments with confidence

Never double book yourself again. Whether you are a solo-clinician or a large group practice, therapyzen manages your appointments with ease.

A calendar for any size practice

Whether you work alone or with a large team, we make appointment scheduling easy and uncluttered. Our calendar comes in a variety of flavors to suit all your scheduling needs.

Easy appointment scheduling for therapists in TherapyZen

Appointments are so much more than just a date and time

Every transaction for a practice begins with an appointment. Therapyzen incorporates all of those important details into every appointment while keeping it simple.

Easy appointment scheduling with the new appointment form in TherapyZen

Appointment Scheduling Highlights

  • Single or recurring appointment options
  • Single clinician and group practice scheduling
  • Schedule groups or couples with just a click
  • Schedule for multiple office locations
  • Color coding appointments
  • Add appointment notes for your therapists to review
  • Include services to be performed, rate, & duration
  • Schedule general events on the calendar
  • Integration with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars
  • Default appointment settings

Easily set your availability for appointment scheduling

Every therapist has a demanding schedule and no two schedules are the same. Using therapyzen, each of your clinicians can set their own personal availability for appointment scheduling. This provides strict rules for schedulers setting appointments and clients sending requests from the client portal.

Set your availability for appointment scheduling in TherapyZen

More cool scheduling features that you have been looking for

Sync your appointments with Google Calendar™, Apple iCalendar™, & Microsoft Outlook™!

We're big fans of integrating with some of your favorite apps. We want to make life more convenient for you which means letting you continue to use your favorite calendar app to track all of your appointments.

Therapyzen provides a simple process for syncing all your appointments to Google™, Apple™, and Microsoft™ so you don't have to skip a beat with your appointment reminders.

SMS & email appointment reminders!

Using therapyzen will help you reduce appointment 'No-Show's with free automated SMS & Email reminders for your clients. Simply turn them on or off, it's that simple. *International carrier rates may apply.

Online appointment scheduling with our free client portal

Let your clients browse your schedule to book appointments online. Automatically accept requests or choose to approve/deny them. It's your choice.

Have multiple locations in different timezones? No sweat, we've got you covered.

Are you a traveling counselor? Do you have multiple locations in different timezones? If so, you're in luck. Therapyzen will incorporate all of those factors into your appointment scheduling. Life is good!

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