Group Practice Management in TherapyZen

You're managing more than just people, you're managing a team.

Getting to know your team with TherapyZen

TherapyZen is great for solo therapists, but when it comes to group practices, it's the bee's knees! Manage your staff effectively and have instant access to your team and their shared data.

Group practice staff management made easy with TherapyZen

Staff Roles, Profiles & Audit Trails

Staff members consist of non-clinicians, (administrative, schedulers and billers) & clinicians (therapists or other professionals with access to client personal health information).

Clients can view their own profile in the TherapyZen client portal

Client Reassignment & Sharing

As an administrator, easily reassign clients from one therapist to another in TherapyZen. Therapists may also grant other therapists permission to view and share assigned client data.

Easily reassign clients to clinicians in TherapyZen

Enable/Disable Staff Easily

TherapyZen takes the security of your data very seriously. Administrators may disable inactive staff members and rest assured that access will no longer be granted to those no longer with the team.

Set staff records to enable or disabled in TherapyZen