Seamless & secure telehealth

Get started in minutes with HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools provided by therapyzen.

telehealth virtual therapy

Get started with telehealth in just minutes

Our HIPAA compliant video services will change the way you work. Provide virtual sessions for your clients with or without having to use a login. Create and conduct video sessions with just a few simple steps:

1Create a telehealth appointment
2Start your secure meeting online
3Invoice and accept payment

Hipaa compliant video conferencing for telehealth

Want to use your existing video service? We've got you covered.

Use your preferred video meeting service with therapyzen. Having choices is good!

therapyzen integrates with doxy
therapyzen integrates with zoom
therapyzen integrates with google meet

Telehealth Pricing

Add fully-integrated, HIPAA-compliant telehealth services to your therapyzen subscription after signing up. You'll have secure and seamless telehealth up and running in just a matter of minutes. Try it free during your 14-day trial.

Telehealth Pricing Details:
  • Telehealth is an add-on feature billed separately from your therapyzen subscription.
  • For $9.99/month you get 1000 minutes of one-on-one video conferencing.
  • Group calls are also possible with up to 7 participants.
  • Any overage minutes are charged at just $0.005 cents/minute.
  • All clinicians within your practice have the ability to create and host telehealth sessions.
  • To see examples of how to estimate the cost of a telehealth meeting, check out our telehealth FAQs.

Clients can join your meetings from anywhere on any device

Clients will receive their meeting invite by email and can join using any internet-enabled device with a microphone and camera.

Clients can also login to their free client portal account to join a telehealth meeting.

Hipaa compliant video conferencing for telehealth

Get meetings up and running quickly

Creating a telehealth session in therapyzen is super simple. Just set a client appointment location to telehealth and save. When ready, start your telehealth session with a simple button click.

Hipaa compliant video conferencing for telehealth

HIPAA Compliant

Data security and client privacy are our highest priority. Telehealth conferences are not recorded and no personal health information is stored.

For additional security, you may require that clients login to their secure client portal accounts to attend telehealth sessions.

Hipaa compliant video conferencing for telehealth

Online scheduling for telehealth services

Set your availability to allow clients to book telehealth sessions online. Our free client portal provides scheduling options for existing clients and new prospective clients interested in using your services.

Hipaa compliant video conferencing for telehealth

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