Couples & group records in TherapyZen

Finally, a way to manage all of your couple or group data in place! Woop!

Couples and Groups Charting

TherapyZen handles Couples and Groups with ease by providing Group Records that consolidate charting, billing, and scheduling for multiple clients into a single record. Add an unlimited amount of clients to a group record to better handle information for family counseling or group workshops.

Beautiful and flexible therapy notes in TherapyZen

Schedule appointments for couples with ease

TherapyZen makes scheduling for couples super simple. Just create an appointment and select the group or couple that will be attending. All of the attendees will receive appointment reminders automatically.

Easily create appointments for Couples and Groups in TherapyZen

All of your couple and group notes in one place.

Enter your couple and group counseling notes once on the group record. Group notes will automatically copy over to each group member's individual record.

Write all of your couple and group notes in one place using TherapyZen

Flexible invoicing to handle all of your couple and group payment options.

TherapyZen provides a number of ways to invoice a couple or group:

  • Create a single invoice for one group/couple member
  • Create identical invoices for each group member
  • Split the fee equally to each group/couple member

Easily create invoices for couples or groups in TherapyZen