Client Billing in TherapyZen

We made simple billing a top priority, and we delivered!

An organized client ledger that simply makes sense

TherapyZen's client ledger provides you with all the details you need at a glance. In just a few seconds you'll know about services performed, funds received, account credits, write-offs, and your client' s current account balance.

Client billing made simple using the client ledger in TherapyZen

Instantly view your client's open & paid invoices

With TherapyZen, there's no hunting for vital invoice information on the client ledger. Quickly view, edit, or print your client's open invoices. View and print your client's paid invoices listed below.

Easily view all your open invoices using the client ledger in TherapyZen

Client Ledger Actions

All of your transaction options are available right from the client ledger. Create invoices, accept payments, or enter invoice write-offs.

View all your billing performance numbers and easily create invoices from the client ledger in TherapyZen

Creating an invoice is simple in TherapyZen

To create an invoice, simply review services that have been rendered for your client. Edit, add, or remove services as well as update service rates on the fly. Once you have reviewed and saved your invoice, email the invoice directly to your client, or accept payment immediately.

View and edit any client services to be invoiced in the client ledger of TherapyZen

Easily process credit card payments using your Stripe account

TherapyZen integrates with Stripe for secure, pci-compliant credit card processing. Easily apply payments to any past or present invoices that are waiting to be resolved. Full or partial payments will be applied to open invoices that have been outstanding the longest.

Easily accept payment using the client ledger in TherapyZen

Enter full or partial write-offs for invoices

Although we hope you use this feature the least, you can easily write-off invoices for the full or partial amounts. Write-offs can only be applied to open invoices.

Easily enter invoice writeoffs using the client ledger in TherapyZen

Printing & emailing invoices and superbills

Print, download as pdf, or email invoices & superbills to clients with ease using TherapyZen. Superbills for insurance reimbursement are formatted to include DSM/ICD codes for speedy processing.

Print superbills easily using the client ledger in TherapyZen