Treatment Plans in TherapyZen

Engage, collaborate & build plans for success with your clients.

TherapyZen provides the tools you need to scope areas of concern & identify immediate needs

We at TherapyZen know that treatment plans are one of the most important tools to utilize when attempting to engage a client in treatment. That's why we've focused on treatment plans that are client driven and counselor friendly.

Up to date DSM5 and ICD10 codes ready to be used in your treatment plans in TherapyZen

Flexible & Formatted Treatment Plans

Choose between our standard pre-formatted treatment plan template, or use the DSM/ICD template to include diagnosis codes for superbill printing.

Easily select what type of treatment plan you would like to create in TherapyZen

The Latest DSM & ICD Diagnosis Codes

TherapyZen will always make sure you are working with the most up-to-date industry codes for producing superbills.

Insert DSM and IDC diagnosis codes when creating a treatment plan in TherapyZen

Mental Status Evaluation Tools

TherapyZen provides a robust library of industry approved mental status evaluation tools. Quickly make individual selections based on your assessments, or simply select 'All Within Normal Limits' to document no irregularities.

Easily do a mental status evaluation when creating a treatment plan in TherapyZen

Documenting Presenting Problems & Treatment Plan Objectives

After assessing your client's strengths and weaknesses, document your problem list using the presenting problems section. Then use the treatment plan objectives section to guide your client towards an achievable goal pertinent to your presenting problems.

Easily add your presenting problems and objectives when creating your treatment plan in TherapyZen